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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 2, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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he has nothing but glowing praise for the leader, talking of the aura surrounding him and the great man he has turned into. at times, almost sounding like a spokesman. i went window shopping, he says. there are plenty of goods in the shops. that's already a big difference. there was nothing a decade ago. it was totally different. i guess it changed drastically since the era started. pyonyang has changed, the elite and chosen. in the country side, the few visitors are allowed to see. the groups say food is scarce and malnutrition high. he was also reunited with his children. there's tho way to know if that's true, but his family's presence in pyonyang is likely a reason the former chef is saying nothing negative.
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he says that kim jong-un had organized a party for him, but that he doesn't quite remember how it ended after having a few drinks. he does remember though that the north korean leader invited him back when ever he wants, claiming that kind of invitation from pyonyang is unprecedented. paula hancocks, cnn. next hour of the cnn next hour of the cnn newsroom begins now. -- captions by vitac -- effective immediately. u.s. special operations have suspended the training of afghan recruits. 14 were killed in august alone. u.s. forces will revet all current members before reinstating the training. in syria, an american journalist is missing. he's 31. a freelance writer from texas. he went to syria to cover the
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civil war from the perspective of the rebels. no more dispatches from him, pictures or tweets and the u.s. state department is working with a mission to try to get information about him. hazing allegations have forced the the suspension of the clark atlanta university marching band. ♪ a local high school stepped i o to take the band's place at a game last night. clark atlanta school officials have received the allegations, but so far, have not found evidence of hazing. the allegations follow the hazing scandal and death of drum major, robert champion. as all eyes turn to the democratic national convention, protesters are already in charlotte, making their voices heard. this march had been led by occupy wall street south and hundreds of protesters shouted
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for reform. two people have been arrested. protesters just a couple of bhoks from the site. a global religious leader is dead. he declared himself a messiah when he formed the unification of the church in the early 1950s. it was a controversial figure to say the least presiding over wedding ceremonies with arapged couples. he courted business relationships all over the world. he was 92 years old and died today in a hospital in seoul, south carolina. i want to talk about reverend moon's life and impact with arlene barker, who teaches about new religions at the london school of economics. thank you for joining us. >> good evening. >> yes. good evening. good afternoon on the west coast of the united states, but we'll just say hello. first question i want to ask
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you, was he a religious figure? political figure, all of those? >> you were asking whether he was a religious figure? >> yes, i don't mean to fade away from you. religious, political, business? what would you say he was more than anything? >> well, he certainly was a religious figure. he built up this enormous empire and he was a business man. and a politician as well. but he had a very systematic and well worked out theology and he was always getting new revelations or revealing further things to his followers. and lists them, i would say, very seriously. >> professor, it seems like while they are still active, they passed their peak maybe a generation ago.
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when i was a kid, parents were scared that their kids would end up -- a slightly derogatory term. >> you come and go. >> i'm sorry about that. i don't want you to think i'm being rude. be rude to a professor. so, calling yourself a messiah. that's an extreme stance to take. was he that charismatic? >> some charismatic leaders serply do call themselves messiahs. he would say, there's a sense in which everybody can be a messiah, but he was the sort of messiah of all messiahs. he was a special man and he saw or he said that messiahs sat in office. he had to form a particular -- distorting the kingdom of heaven on earth, restoring it to the
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situation it was in the garden of eden before the fall. this was his task. what he meant by messiah. >> well, certainly and a lot of people do not agree with what he stood for, but you can't deny he was a fascinating man at the very least. >> yes, he was and he had an enormous influence over a large number of people. but you're right. everybody by any means and he was treated with a lot of suspicion throughout his life. he went to prison in america, in korea several times. he was a highly controversial figure. >> i covered a mass wedding in madison square garden about 20 years ago. 2 to 3,000 couples there, never met each other before. i know that man was influential. thank you so much for joining us. on the last hour, janet napolitano spoke about storm devastation in louisiana. she's in hard hit areas.
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>> we will stay until this recovery is complete. we are here to be part of the team, part of the team in louisiana and make sure that hurricane isaac is put to rest as soon as we can. for all of those affected and in the meantime, please know that all of us are thinking about those in louisiana now without their homes. or ability to open up because of either water, lack of power. we know this is a big, tough storm, but where'll work through it forever. >> authorities have dropped a mandatory evacuation order. they're urging people to stay away. officials warned yesterday that a lock failure was imminent. crews have relieved the
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pressure. they did it by releasing water, but say it's still touch and go. the river is expected to crest tomorrow at more than 19 feet. my colleague joins us now. george, good seeing you. what's the latest on the river as we speak? >> reporter: gary, you know as we speak, we're watching this river rise slowly, but surely. everyone's paying close attention to it. it will affect a lot of people here along the pearl river including one person who you may know. the star of the history channel reality show, "swamp people." he helped us go out to give you a much better picture of what's happening. no better way to show you than to take you out on the river, so what you see here is the pearl river. some eight to nine feet higher than it typically is. you're seeing this river so high because of all this storm water. all the rain that came in from
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hurricane isaac. it's got to go somewhere. now, officials are also concerned about a navigational canal that runs parallel to the pearl river. there was concern earlier about those locks failing. but officials seem fairly certain that those are doing better. they're monitoring that situation. now, i want to bring in terrell evans here. no one knows this river better than you. you've seen the river rise before. what are you expecting tonight? >> we're expecting to see it tomorrow, it's supposed to go to about 19.5. that's their prediction right now. everybody's kind of got their eye on it and they're a little skeptical. they're watching the gauges down here on the rise. 19.5 is going to flood quite a few areas down here. especially like the upper end of the pearl starting from 59 back this way.
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some of the areas that were affected through isaac were some of the subdivisions like indian village, quail ridge. they were caught with some storm surge. this river is going to get back in those areas, so there is some concern. we have a subdivision over here called magnolia forest. it's going to be affected, also. it's a guessing game right now. they're saying 19.5. i hope they're right. >> let's take a look again. we're talking about three additional feet of water before all is said and done out here on the pearl river. and i want to show you what's been happening out here. all day, this has been the scene just outside our truck, people have been coming by to look at this river. people who live here all their lives, they know exactly how this river got back in 1983. it got around 21 feet. that caused a lot of damage here
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along the pearl river. right now again, we know that crest will be right around 19.5 feet, so this river rising slowly, but surely. right here where we're standing should see about three feet of water. >> so, how worried are they about the cresting tomorrow and what time do they expect it? >> reporter: the timing has changed throughout the day. initially, we thought it would be 1:00 a.m., but now, it sounds like it will be later in the evening. so 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. we've seen it rise inch by inch, hour by hour. again, they're expecting this area where we're standing to be flooded. several homes that took water during the hurricane will have water again, gary. >> george, our executive producer just told me, he's from louisiana, he says you must watch out for the water moccasins. >> reporter: you know, yeah. i've definitely stayed away.
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because they're out there, so are the gators as terel evans told me. >> george howell's been there from the beginning. nice work and good talking to you. not quite the speakers democratic leaders had in mind for their upcoming convention. >> hey, what's up! what's going on! >> but you can't argue, it's democracy at work. why hundreds turned out in charlotte today. and harvard university, why some of the greatest young minds in the nation are now accused in a massive cheating scandal. ress. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. you're not filming this, are you? aw! camera shy. snapshot from progressive.
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only through labor day, only at one of our 400 sleep number stores. try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. republican presidential candidate mitt romney attened church today in new hampshire, with his wife by his side. new hampshire is one of his all important swing states. it has four electoral votes. also, romney crossed the 1 million mark in twitter followers. he declared, thanks, everyone for your support, help us keep the momentum going. he also added a link to a donation website. protesters hit the streets of charlotte ahead of this week's convention.
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two days before the convention start, hundred of people marched by charlotte banks. some chanting, we got sold out. it was called march on wall street south. joe johns spent some time talking to demonstrators about their motives and plans. >> in charlotte in the run up to the democratic national convention, the march on wall street south had been suggest to a lot of hype, but it came off without a hitch with only two arrests and no reported violence. between 2 and 10,000 people were predicted. only a few hundred showed up, but they were loud. about what you would expect from a march against the banks that make charlotte one of the country's leading financial centers. honestly, it was the police who led the way, but not far behind
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pushing a bicycle was an organizer from occupy wall street in new york who had come over from tampa, where he had been protesting at the republican national convention. >> we ultimately ended up coming down with a couple of buses and some other people found their own transportation. now, as for numbers here, there are a lot less. half the people ended up going back to new york. >> why? >> a lot of our people have jobs. a lot of people aren't interested in protesting. >> for the police in the city, of course, the smaller numbers made the march more manageable. political conventions of the past have often exploded in ugly confrontatio confrontations, but not so far this year. what is the recipe for success with these marches? we've seen a peaceful march in tampa and apparently, here. very different from what we saw in denver and minneapolis four years ago. >> i think it's anticipation and
7:18 pm
communication. you've got to anticipate, have the willingness to talk with people, understand what they want to do and then you try to negotiate through it and make sure in the end that everybody's safe. >> protests are expected to continue on the holiday, including one demonstration featuring members of organized labor. >> thank you very much. you can take part in the dnc and cnn's election round table. tuesday, join wolf blitzer for this live virtual chat. submit your questions and we will give you answers in realtime. live coverage of the convention begins tuesday, also and that starts 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn and tomorrow, we'll have a special look at what president obama is really like. jessica yellin reveals the man to the people who know him the
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across syria, more than 100 people were killed just today. about half of them in damascus, in its suburbs. add that number to the staggering 1600 people killed over the past few days and you've got the single deadliest week in syria since the civil war began there. opposition sources say government forces massacred 35 people in a village today and a bomb went off next to government buildings in damascus, wounding several bystanders. nearly 5,000 people died in syria during the month of august. the street fighting, shelling and syrian military air strikes. now, we have seen and have to rely on opposition reports of these casualties. cnn cameras reporters are not
7:23 pm
allowed. legionnaires disease has killed ten people, sickened 165 more and health officials don't know how people with getting it. the government has ordered for some buildings to clean the cooling systems. >> the only thing that can explain a wide array of these cases is something that could be in the water. >> legionnaires is a rare form of pneumonia when people breathe in droplets or mist with bacteria. ethiopia has honored the late prime minister. he is the nation's first leader in 82 years to be given a state funeral. tens of thousands of mourners and numerous head of states turned out to pay their respects. he died two weeks ago at the age of 57 and was credited to bringing stability to the horn of africa region, however, groups accused him of taking a
7:24 pm
heavy hand and curbing journalistic freedom. no murder charges for now against miners in south africa. the national prosecuting authority stepped in today after public outrage over the regional prosecutor's decision to file against the miners. the authority says charges will come only after investigations were complete. 34 miners died august 16th during a clash. when you hear harvard, you think scholarship and honor. not lying and cheat, but that's what's facing the university this eechk. we'll hear from someone who was once on the inside. >> you don't have to be in front of a television to watch cnn. you can do it on your cell phone or from your computer at work. go to se special care in keeping the denture clean. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply.
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student can do in school. cheating. at harvard. last year, students took a final exam, open notes, open book and open internet, but one thing students cannot do, they, quoted the instructions, may not discuss the exam with others. the professor noticed too many similarities between exam answers. now, the university is questioning 125 students for allegedly cheating. >> it's just more confusion we thought to by and large display -- >> let's go to the author of a book called "that book about harvard." eric hester went to harvard and graduated from harvard, 2008. thanks for joining us.
7:29 pm
you're not surprised. w why? >> just because cheating happens at every school and harvard, i think the reason it's become such a giant national story is because it is harvard and there's an expectation of you know, integrity there. and also, the fact that it's 125 students, which really speaks to perhaps a larger, more cultural flaw, rather than just a couple of rogue students making a bad decision. >> eric, the president of harvard made this statement. i'll show it to our viewers. these allegations, if proven, represent unacceptable behavior that betrays the trust upon which intellectual inquiry depends. she says unacceptable behavior. what was more important? doing well or right? >> well, i think it's very difficult for some students at harvard because you enter this
7:30 pm
school and it's engrained in every student's mind that cheating is bad, but it's also engrained in everyone's mind that failing is bad and it's especially true at a place like harvard where students are expected to do well and they're used to doing well. when you're 19 and 20 years old, sometimes, these two ideals kind of clash and it's important at these institutions to constantly reenforce the more noble of these ideals. when a 19-year-old begins to make a bad decision, it can spiral pretty quickly. >> what puzzles me about this story is the exam was open note, book, internet and students ha had a week to finish it. you go on the internet, facebook, youtube, hear people talk to you on youtube. what's the difference between that and talking to a student? sounds like teachers put a lot of trust in their student, but isn't that a fine line, gray area there? >> i think that's really of the larger issues at play here and this is a universal issue at all
7:31 pm
levels of school all over the world. in this era of social media, to share in the information is just so common and natural and because of that, it i think the line blurs between oh, what's accept acceptable in an academic setting. because of that, it's even more imperative for academic institutions to constantly reemphasize what's okay and what's not. >> i went to school across the river. boston university. i remember it being a huge to do when we brought calculators into class. shows you how times have advanced. do you think there's more pressure at harvard to cheat and the other ives? >> you have to think of it from the student's perspectives. they've been spending the majority of their life trying to get into harvard. really from a really young age. and getting in to harvard and
7:32 pm
once you're in, this idea that once you get beyond harvard, there's a lot of career success waiting for you. mark zuckerberg and some of these students are very talented and they see the type of rewards on the other side. so there's a lot at stake and these students, i think some of them, have been faced with a choice of whether or not to cheat or fail -- they've gone to so much ahead of them. not to exonerate them. >> are you afraid they're going to take your diploma away from zblou. >> i hold on to it tightly, but my book actually is really more about exposing myself and what it's like for a 19-year-old to try to find his way and come of age in an intense academic place and freshman year is hard no matter where you go to school
7:33 pm
and it was no different for me. i really do sympathize with students who have a lot on their plate. especially in this culture that's obsessed with success. so that's really what my book explores and while i don't exonerate these students, they're adults, they should have known better, but there is more to the story. >> thank you for joining us. terrifying moments caught on camera in what was supposed to be a fun, family outing. the outcome of this incredible scene in a moment.
7:34 pm
caring for someone who's ill or injured or elderly or disabled. they can become isolated. there are physical effects and stresses of it and the worry. >> thank you so much. >> but these children, people don't know they exist. i am bringing this precious population into the light to transform their lives so that they can stay in school. i offer each child a home visit. we look at what we can provide to meet the need. we go into the schools with the support group and we offer outer school activities. that gives the child a break. >> this is so relaxing. >> so they know they're not alone.
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people are are now allowed to come back, but maybe it's not a good idea to come back just yet. authorities have dropped a mandatory evacuation order for hundred of louisiana residents near the pearl river, but they're still urging people to stay away. they're worried about a strained lock on the canal. the river is expegted to crest tomorrow at more than 19 feet. the entertainment turned frightening at a monster truck show in oregon. three people at the show monster air 2010 were hurt when the 48 inch tires landed on top of them. let's go to our affiliate in eugene, oregon. a sergeant says the victims will
7:40 pm
survive their injuries. the driver lost criminontrol afe hit a mud pit. the trial of drew peterson, he's the prime suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife. that third wife, kathleen savio, was divorced from peterson when her body was found in a dry bathtub, 2004. one of america's most trusted journalists, his thoughts on interviewing gorbachev and mandela and what president obama did that bothered him. tom brokaw opens up to cnn. ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i can go anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la la la la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything.
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solutionism. the new optimism.
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he came into your home every weeknight for more than 20 years and even though tom brokaw no longer anchors nbc news, he's still involved in the program. brokaw sat down in cnn's red
7:44 pm
chair to talk about peter jennings about what president obama did he didn't like. >> i do have the advantage of being able to access the system, read the scripts, see the rundown and from time to time, i'll say, have you thought about including or giving a little more emphasis to. not very often. they're always kind of generous and they must hang up the phone, well, the old guy was at it again. everybody, be kind to him and we'll see how this works out. i'm still in my own mind, at least a working journalist. i was the first one to make a decision to step aside and i wanted to not be tied at 6:30 every night and peter came to me, oh, my god, i can't believe you're doing this. six months later, peter was dead. the line about you don't know anybody on their death bed who
7:45 pm
said gee, i wish i spent more time at the office. that's how i felt. i wanted to be free to do things i cared about and not worry about whether it was a rating period and have to rush back to the studio to be on the air that night. oh, sure, there are always the interviews you'll have to do all over again. i was in the backyard with nelson mandela the day after he got released. i could have sat with him the next 30 days. this is a man who had been in prison for more than 35 years and you would have thought he would have been on a three-day holid holiday. he was o eloquent, calm and wise and good humor. he teased the crew about their microphones looking like a shotgun crew. gorbachev, we did it with sim ul translation. we should have more time to rock and roll on the differences. the interview we did was an introduction of him to this
7:46 pm
country in so many ways. >> thank you very much for this time. >> and once again, let me take -- of this opportunity to say to my american viewers until we meet on american soil. >> one of my favorite stories about gorbachev is tenth anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. i had a favorite polish camera man with me who makes home maid lemon vodka. gorbachev told him no more drinking, then says my doctor says i should not drink, except lemon vodka. so we had a great toast to world peace. everybody wants to be a star and be a star now. and the last white house dinner, there was a lot of pain. people were in danger of doing that. an absence of confidence that i
7:47 pm
had not witnessed before, so on the biggest weekend of the year for washington journalists, turn it on, there's kim kardashian and lindsay lohan, even the president, out of proportion i think would have been in the past. i just think it sends the wrong signal to the country. i can't imagine if you're out there, a small business owner in wichita, kansas or a schoolteacher worried about losing her pension in seattle and tune in to see how the american journalistic establishment is protecting your rights and they're mostly interested in having their picture taken with kim kardashian. >> tom brokaw. you can see more fascinating interviews like this one online on our website.
7:48 pm
well, there are tornado watches in effect. we'll have a look at what needs to be most concerned about them. next. and don't forget, you can watch cnn live on your computer. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air.
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it's labor day weekend and we have rough weather and conditions this holiday weekend. karen is my guest. >> we have live pictures, these coming out of southern california. these are live images in southern california near los angeles, the area, glendora, 75 acres consumed and they're trying to get a handle on interest before it gets out of control. it has been tender dry and without moisture and as temperatures continue to climb, they're not out of danger. if you're in southern california in this region, watch out, you could see smokey conditions an poor air quality there. our other big stories, two of them. eruption of severe weather in the southeast, the remnants of what used to be category
7:52 pm
hurricane isaac that made its way on shore five days ago. there were 19 fatalities in haiti. four fatalities in the united states. now, very warm moist unstable air erupting with big thunderstorms especially in northern sections of alabama, in madison county around the vis sinty of huntsville, they've had reports of downed power lines. some wind gusts very strong, also back in mississippi. look at these big thunderstorms that have erupted around huntsville, alabama, also extending to northwestern portions of georgia as well. if you are ready to head out for your big holiday coming up tomorrow, it will be fairly hot all the quay from houston and dallas with temperatures in the upper 90s to low 100 degree temperatures. folks still without power in louisiana, right around new orleans, gary. it's going to be a hot day for them coming up? thank you. let's look at these live
7:53 pm
pictures from california. these are live pictures. this is what's going on at 4:52 p.m. pacific time. you're very concerned about these kind of images because it's very dry in southern california and you have santa ana winds going from east to west, it causes huge problems with the winds and fires. that's the picture with southern california. hopefully they can contain that but as karen told us, it's been a rough summer in the southern united states particularly in california and colorado where we spent so much time covering the fires. that's the scene from southern california, kabc live pictures. once dismissed as just big phones, 7 inch tablets are the hottest devices now. one brand you can't even get anymore, told out. which might be right for you? we'll run them down next. living.
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♪ [ chirping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] audi a4 drivers have spoken. [ engine revs ] and they ranked the a4 highest in total quality index in its class. [ chirps ] experience the summer of audi event before september 4th and get exceptional values on the audi you've always wanted. a little girl with autism finally learned to speak with the help of an ipad. for years she never said a word, she just cried and cried. at age 3, doctors said she had a 50-50 chance ever learning how to speak. her parents say the ipad appealed to her visual abilities. >> before, we tried everything. nothing was clicking for her. she's a very very visual person. for her, everything was visual.
7:57 pm
ipad gave her that option to do that. >> do you want 6 or 8? >> 8. 7. >> it's amazing. her mommy and daddy or even for herself when she needs something, she can say, i want goldfish. >> isn't that great? the parents say the ipad and a special app have been life changing for their little girl. in the latest electronic battle ground, it is a clash of the titans. laurie, good seeing you. we're talking about the rise of the 7 inch tablets once dismissed by some as a big phone. those days seem to be over and big announcements coming up. what can you tell us about the announcements and rumors? >> sure. amazon is essentially supposed to unveil the kindle fire 2 this week. a lot of people talking about this because the kindle fire is one of the second most popular tablets out there. they're not great rumors if you don't have apple somewhere in
7:58 pm
there. apple is expected to unveil the next smartphone. a lot of people are saying they also might unveil the next tablet, we're talking about a mini ipad. a lot of people talking about that and 7 inch tablets in general. >> tell us, what are the big contenders? >> sure. the new kid on the block, the one getting a lot of attention is google's nexus 7. it is for anybody who is a media junky. let's say you like to use your tablet to watch videos and browse the web, $199, not too expensive, very lightweight and has a high-definition screen. it has a front facing camera and running on android's latest operating system and it's fast. everybody likes something very fast. it's going head to head with the kindle fire i mentioned earlier, the number two out there. essentially, the kindle fire is for people who want a basic basic tablet. they don't need all the bells and whistles but also for the book nerds and bookworms and
7:59 pm
people who love to read on their tablets. you get access to amazon's ebook store, second to none. the third one, the one that a lot of people are talking about, i would say, is the ipad mini. this is complete speculation. we don't know if the ipad mini is actually coming out. a lot of people are talking about a smaller ipad, one that will still give you access to over 200,000 apps designed specifically for the ipad. it is the number one tablet out there. 60% of the market share. it's expected. rumors are the price could be a little more than the tablets i just mentioned, 250 to $300. a little more expensive but you pay for what you get. you essentially get to carry around a computing device with you at all times. if they do release the ipad mini, that will be a game changer. >> we're watching out for a cool story on >> dnc touches down in


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